Making Heart Shaped Sea Salt Bars

Posted on December 29th, 2010 in Juicybath

I decided to make a batch of Heart Shaped Salt Bars tonight. I made them last year for Valentines Day and they were a big hit. I tweaked my method and recipe to try to improve upon last year’s batch. I started out by melting some white melt & pour glycerin soap base and mixing in some raspberry pop mica for a pretty pink colour. Last year I made the heart embeds out of cold process soap, which meant I had to wait about 2 days between the batches to finish these. I also had some trouble last year getting consistent colour in the little hearts- some of them went ashy and in some the colour disappeared or was mottled so I couldn’t use them. I figured that using melt & pour soap for these might be more reliable and easier.


I thought I’d add a bit of bling to this batch, so I used a paint brush to coat the heart shaped ice cube tray molds with a bit of cosmetic glitter before pouring in the soap.


Next, I poured the soap and set it aside to harden. See me pouring with my left hand while I took the photo with my right?¬† NOT easy- aren’t you impressed? :-) (I guess that would be why this photo is so blurry- ha!)



When the tiny soaps were cooled, they easily popped out of their molds and I set them aside for later. Don’t they look like candy in this photo?


Next I weighed out the oils to make the main part of the soap which is done by cold process. Here is the coconut oil being weighed out. Then, I melted it and added sweet almond  and castor oils. Salt bars need a high percentage of coconut oil so they will lather well.


I added the lye water and the essential oils at this point. I used a blend of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. I call it my ‘spa blend’. Notice my gloves? Lye burns are no fun!


Here, I have split the batch into 2 bowls so I can make layers of different colours. I added titanium dioxide mixed with a bit of water to one half to get bright white, and raspberry pop mica mixed with a bit of glycerin to the other half to get pink.




I used a stick blender to make sure the colour was mixed well into the pink portion, then added the sea salt.



Here I go with my left-handed tricks, pouring while taking photos. This is just for the photo- I had to pour all the rest of them right-handed:-) I poured the pink soap into the molds to about half full. These silicone heart muffin tin molds were a great bargain. I picked them up at Target one day on the ‘dollar shelf’– $2.50 each!



Back to the white portion of the soap, I added the salt and gave it a few blasts with the stick blender to thicken it up a bit.


Then I gently spooned the white soap on top of the pink layer. I remembered not to fill them too full this time so I would have some space for adding the tiny hearts afterwards.The first time I made these they kind of overflowed and I had to do ‘plastic surgery’ on the edges to tidy them up.



After a few minutes, the soap started to set and I pressed a tiny heart soap into the centre of each bar. I like the way the white soap puffs up around it a bit when it’s pressed down.



Now, they will set for a couple of days before I un-mold them. Salt bars can get kind of crumbly if you try to remove them from individual molds too soon, so I’ll have to try to be patient. I’ll update here with un-molded photos when they are ready.

Thanks for reading!

Update Thursday Dec 30th:
So much for waiting a couple of days- I have no patience at all when it comes to soap! I un-molded one bar today (after about 17 hours) and it popped out perfectly, so of course I had to take them all out and do photos. I was surprised that the layers look so equal. I thought I had poured too much for the pink layer. I ended up with one and a 1/2 solid white bars that didn’t have embedded hearts. I took notes so that next time I will know how much M&P I need to make enough hearts for the whole batch.
These will get incredibly hard as they cure. Salt bars don’t feel gritty at all- they shine up like a polished stone with use and last for ages.

Spa Salt Bars

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  1. Helen, these are gorgeous!! Great idea for Valentine’s Day! Just curious – what scent are they?

  2. The scent is a blend of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils. It really makes me think “Spa”. Thanks for reading and for the kind words!

  3. These are super cool. I admired them last year too. Great work and thanks for the photos!

  4. Just beautiful Helen. So delicate looking. I will try to make them too. Thank you.

  5. Love it! Great job! Perfect for V-Day :)

  6. Very cute these saltbars – great Valentine present :)
    Checked out the other posts : love your blog, very refreshing.
    Good luck with the triage too; it is a good system to offer people adequate help :)

  7. Beautiful end result and thank you for your wonderful pictorial! :)

  8. Very cute soapies! They look very smooth and now i feel like making soap. Too bad it’s almost 1 am….it will have to wait until tomorrow.

  9. Those are just too cute! Great job. I don’t normally fool with melt and pour, but it would be alot easier than waiting for the CP to be ready and then having to cut them with the cookie cutters. I’ll have to hit Target tomorrow (DS works there) and try to score some heart molds.

  10. These are ADORABLE!! I LOVE how they turned out! I’ve never made a salt bar….. but these really have me thinking!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Wow, simply lovely :))

    Keep up the nice work.

    All the best for the coming NEW YEAR!

  12. These turned out great – and the photos are really good considering you were working one handed. =)

  13. Wow!! I love these! I’m fairly new at this so I was wondering if you could give me the quantities for the oils, fragrances, M & P soap, lye, etc so i can try these! I think my girls will love to make these (I would do the cold process part, of course). My daughter’s birthday is around Valentine’s day & these would be great “party favors” to put in the bags! Thanks for posting these sea salt bars!

  14. Thanks for your kind comments Parris. Just have a look on the web for a recipe for salt bar soap and you should be able to come up with something. I’d rather not share my exact recipe here though.

  15. Love, Love, Love them!

  16. They look beautiful. Can you use any type of salt or do you need epsom or dead sea salt? You are so talented!

  17. Nice work. Thanks for sharing..
    Greetings from Spain.

  18. What a cool craft! We’ll have to try it out!!! Thank you.