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Posted on September 15th, 2012 in Juicybath

My poor, neglected blog! I have such good intentions for posting here, and it just hasn’t happened. Well, today I seem to have some extra time so I thought I would come back and post some photos and catch up a little.¬† Up above is a lovely photo that was taken of my handmade¬† Oh Baby Unscented Goat Milk & Olive Oil Soap . There’s a bit of a story behind the photo. It was taken by a professional photographer for a soap company that was purchasing my soap wholesale and selling it in their store and online. They have since hired a local soap maker to create a similar soap for them to sell. I was pretty disappointed at the time, because they were my first wholesale customer and I really enjoyed making the soap for them. It was their best seller :-) They were in a big hurry for a large order and weren’t willing to wait for me to get my insurance in place. C’est la vie, I guess.

A little back story that led up to all this: A popular blogger who purchased my soap from this shop in Ontario used it to try help with treating her adult acne. She posted a really entertaining video where she talks about the products she has been using (including my soap) and claims it was helpful with clearing her skin problems. She is so cute and fun to watch. Want to see it? I thought you might! The part where she talks about the soap starts at about 3:33, but the whole video is really well done.

Isn’t she adorable? and funny? Well, that video has had over 58,000 views so far, and she listed her sources for all of the products she mentions. The soap shop was getting inundated with phone calls and emails about the soap. They sold out really fast which was why I was here frantically making soap and trying to keep up with the demand. Since that shop and I parted ways, Shannon kindly added my shop URL to her source listings under the video on You Tube, so I have gotten some online orders from it. It’s always great to hear back from the buyers telling me how much they love the soap and how it has helped them. I say it often, but isn’t the Internet cool? :-)

I also make my Oh Baby Soap in a few different scents and styles.This one is Oh Baby! Lavender.

Here is Oh Baby! Sunshine Citrus

Here is Oh Baby! English Rose

I always start thinking about making soap in September, because I do a couple of local craft fairs before Christmas that I start to prepare for. The last couple of years I’ve only done 1 or 2 fairs so it doesn’t get too crazy for me and keeps it fun. I also have a potential new wholesale customer who wants a very large order very quickly, so I see many hours of soap making coming up.

Hey- I almost forgot to share my new logo! It was created by a very talented graphic designer, Meredith from Jack & Molly Creative . What do you think? My next steps are to redesign my packaging and business cards to incorporate it.


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  1. Totally love the look of your Oh Baby! line of soaps! It’s super fresh and modern. :)

  2. Thank you so much Anne-Marie. I’m such a fan of your blog, videos and shop! Confession: I was at Otion once and saw you there and was too shy to say hello. I feel so lucky to be able to visit Otion when I need my Brambleberry supplies:-)